First validator with bonus program for delegators

Advantages in staking with Stakewolle


We will collect your rewards and stake it automatically to compound your staking interest. Stakewolle will cover all transaction fees.


Bonus for delegators

Try our gamified platfrom to get more rewards in your staking coins Atom, Osmo, Scrt etc. and NFT bonuses.


Insurance fund

If you delegate to us, will refund all coins in case of slashing. Only Stakewolle provided profs of funds for refunds, check it here.


Staking platform

Complete tasks

Every week there are new tasks and challenges. In our community, you can arrange real competitions.

Collect rewards

For each completed task, get a reward, and increase your rank. Each level has its own bonuses.

Earn more

We offer the most active participants a reduction in the commission for staking.

Suported networks

    Are you looking to delegate more than $100k assets?

    Receive a Premium offer today.


    • Stakewolle is the ultimate solution for professional investors looking to participate in staking without the hassle of running a node. With our secure non-custodial staking services, you can enjoy the benefits of staking without worrying about security risks.

    • Discover how to earn passive income while securing the future of cryptocurrency. Staking involves holding tokens to support blockchain operations and participating in the validation process. Validators play a crucial role in ensuring network reliability, and as a reward, they receive additional crypto. With staking, crypto holders can earn rewards while contributing to the growth and stability of blockchain networks.

    • If you're not already staking, you're missing out on the chance to earn rewards in the form of tokens like ATOM, SOL, SCRT, JUNO, and more! Validators receive these tokens for validating transactions and ensuring the accuracy of POS blockchains. And with Stakewolle, you can stake with confidence knowing that our infrastructure is optimized for security and performance.

    • At Stakewolle, we're proud to support a wide range of tokens across 45+ unique blockchain networks. Whether you're holding ATOM, SOL, SCRT, JUNO, or another key token, we've got you covered. And with our expert knowledge of the digital asset ecosystem and 24/7 account monitoring and support, you can rest assured that your rewards are in good hands

    • Want to earn passive income while helping to secure the future of cryptocurrency? Look no further than staking! By holding cryptocurrency tokens in a wallet and locking up a certain amount to participate in the consensus mechanism of a blockchain network, you can become a delegate and play a crucial role in ensuring the network's reliability. And as a reward for your efforts, you'll receive additional cryptocurrency. Staking is a powerful tool for crypto holders looking to earn rewards while contributing to the growth and stability of blockchain networks. So why wait? Start staking today and join the future of finance!

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