First validator with loyalty program for delegators

Why stake ATOM, SOL with Stakewolle?


We will automtically restake your ATOM, SOL and other assets to compound your staking interest. Stakewolle will cover all transaction fees.

How to

Bonus for delegators

Try our gamefield platform to get bigger staking rewards in $ATOM, $SOL, $OSMO, NFT etc.

Get bonuses

Insurance fund

By staking with Stakewolle, your assets will be secured from slashing. You can safely stake ATOM, SOL and other assets with us. In case of slashing, we will make a full refund.

What it is

Suported networks

    Staking platform

    Complete tasks

    Every week there are new tasks and challenges. In our community, you can arrange real competitions.

    Collect rewards

    For each completed task, get a reward, and increase your rank. Each level has its own bonuses.

    Earn more

    We offer the most active participants a reduction in the commission for staking.


    • Governance bot

      Governance bot

      Governance bot will help you participate in governance proposals on different blockchains. 
Bot will send you notifications when new proposals are published. You can also use the bot to search for proposals by topic or keyword.
With this bot, voting on proposals became as easy as ever been. Simply type the name of the proposal and your vote and the bot will vote. In case you missed the proposal, the bot can make a decision automatically based on majority of votes.

      Status bot

      Status bot

      Another bot can track your delegations and notify you in case of jailing to save your rewards. This bot offers a comprehensive solution for users who seek for staking optimization.

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    • Dashboard is a powerful tool that provides users with a comprehensive overview of the blockchain and validators. By tracking main metrics on a dashboard, users can gain a better understanding of how a blockchain network is performing and validators effectivity. This information can be used to make informed investment decisions

      Dashboard provide info about block height, total transactions, validators and their parametrs

      The dashboard developed by Stakewolle has already been implemented and is actively utilized by Persistance.

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    • The Stakewolle API is a versatile tool that provides developers with access to real-time information about blockchains, wallets, staking rewards, and more.
API is easy to use and can be integrated with any application.

      With this API, developers can seamlessly integrate staking reward data into their applications, providing users with real-time updates on their earnings.

      Stakewolle API already integrated and actively used by Staking Rewards

    • Stakewolle offers a diverse range of products to cater to various needs.

      Hodler is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that helps you track your investments and stay up-to-date on the latest market news

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      Getcrystal is the unique NFT marketplace focused on gamified projects. It also provides Multifunctional API and Crosschain bridge for NFT

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    Are you looking to delegate more than $100k assets?

    Receive a Premium offer today.


    • Stakewolle is the ultimate solution for professional investors looking to participate in staking without the hassle of running a node. With our secure non-custodial staking services, you can enjoy the benefits of staking without worrying about any risks.

    • Discover how to earn passive income while securing the future of cryptocurrency. Staking involves holding tokens to support blockchain operations and participating in the validation process. Validators play a crucial role in ensuring network reliability, and as a reward, they receive additional crypto. With staking, crypto holders can earn rewards while contributing to the growth and stability of blockchain networks.

    • If you're not already staking, you're missing out on the chance to earn rewards in the form of tokens like ATOM, SOL, OSMO, JUNO, and more! Validators receive these tokens for validating transactions and ensuring the accuracy of POS blockchains. And with Stakewolle, you can stake with confidence knowing that our infrastructure is optimized for security, performance and maximizing your profit.

    • At Stakewolle, we're proud to support a wide range of tokens across 45+ blockchain networks. Whether you're holding ATOM, SOL, OSMO, JUNO, or another token, we've got you covered. And with our expert knowledge of the digital asset ecosystem and 24/7 account monitoring and support, you can rest assured that your rewards are in good hands

    • Want to earn passive income while helping to secure the future of cryptocurrency? Look no further than staking! By holding cryptocurrency tokens in a wallet and locking up a certain amount to participate in the consensus mechanism of a blockchain network, you can become a delegate and play a crucial role in ensuring the network's reliability. And as a reward for your efforts, you'll receive additional cryptocurrency. Staking is a powerful tool for crypto holders looking to earn rewards while contributing to the growth and stability of blockchain networks. So why wait? Start staking today and join the future of finance!

    • Stakewolle Governance 09.05

      9 Jun 2023

    • Stakewolle Governance 08.06

      8 Jun 2023

    • Stakewolle Governance 07.06

      7 Jun 2023

    • Stakewolle Governance 06.06

      6 Jun 2023

    • Ethereum Staking Thrives After Shapella Upgrade

      6 Jun 2023

    • Stargaze tokenomics update - Stakewolle News

      6 Jun 2023

    • Injective has launched The Open Liquidity Program

      6 Jun 2023

    • Stakewolle Governance 05.06

      5 Jun 2023

    • NTRN Token Airdrop, Launch of Nolus, Comdex Roadmap for 2023

      1 Jun 2023

    • Injective launches a integration with PolygonLabs

      1 Jun 2023

    • Injective Mainnet Update - Stakewolle News

      1 Jun 2023

    • Stakewolle Governance 30.05

      30 May 2023

    • Neutron Airdrop Claim Guide

      30 May 2023

    • Stakewolle Governace 29.05

      29 May 2023

    • Mesh Security, Catalyst-Neutron Collaboration, Fetch Super Wallet Upgrade - Stakewolle News

      29 May 2023

    • The First IBC enabled SVM Rollup

      25 May 2023

    • Stakewolle Governnace 18.05

      18 May 2023

    • Elixir Protocol is Integrating with Injective to Power User-Provided Algorithmic Liquidity

      17 May 2023

    • Kava Update to version 13 - Stakewolle News#32

      17 May 2023

    • CertiK Partners with Alibaba Cloud to Bring Blockchain Security to the Cloud

      16 May 2023

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