Cosmos is a decentralized network of independent parallel blockchains It is designed to facilitate the creation of independent, scalable, and interoperable blockchains that can communicate and transact with each other. This interoperability is achieved through the use of the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, which allows different blockchains to securely exchange data and value. Stakewolee provide Cosmos (ATOM) Staking with highest APR and APY, that you can find by using Cosmos (ATOM) staking calculator
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  • 19 May 2023

    Nullify proposal 75

  • 13 May 2023

    🪂 ATOM Airdrop ✅

  • 11 May 2023

    Stride to join ATOM Economic Zone and adopt ICS

  • 7 May 2023

    Request to Drop the Lawsuit: All in Bits, Inc. vs. Grace Yu

  • 5 May 2023

    Launch Neutron on Replicated Security

  • 4 May 2023

    Legal Defense Fund Proposal

  • 3 May 2023

    Liquid staking module: Regulated and efficient liquid staking

  • 15 Apr 2023

    Formally request full financial transparency from the Interchain Foundation

  • 11 Apr 2023

    Make Cosmos Hub the Sponsor of Game of NFTs Phase 2 Hackathon

  • 1 Apr 2023

    ARBITRUM Airdrop

  • 30 Mar 2023

    Atom Airdrop 🪂

  • 29 Mar 2023

    Replicated Security Third Party Audit

  • 23 Mar 2023

    ATOM Airdrop for COSMOS stakers ⚛️

  • 22 Mar 2023

    ATOM Airdrop for COSMOS stakers

  • 20 Mar 2023

    ATOM Airdrop ⚛️

  • 7 Mar 2023

    Interchain Info Funding

  • 7 Mar 2023


  • 7 Mar 2023

    Spacebox - Tool for chain Indexation and Storage in the Cosmos Hub

  • 1 Mar 2023

    Fund notional to work on the Cosmos Hub

  • 1 Mar 2023

    Confio Public Goods Funding - Tranche One

Calculate your profit

Choose currency

  • e-Moneye-Money
  • ComdexComdex
  • Crescent NetworkCrescent Network
  • DecentrDecentr
  • cheqdcheqd
  • ChihuahuaChihuahua
  • DesmosDesmos
  • IrisIris
  • JackalJackal
  • KiKi
  • AssetMantleAssetMantle
  • InjectiveInjective
  • KonstellationKonstellation
  • ixoixo
  • Lum NetworkLum Network
  • MediBlocMediBloc
  • StargazeStargaze
  • UmeeUmee
  • MigalooMigaloo
  • VidulumVidulum
  • Sentinel Sentinel
  • MemeMeme
  • CosmosCosmos
  • RizonRizon
  • StrideStride
  • Secret NetworkSecret Network
  • BitSongBitSong
  • CoreumCoreum
  • SommelierSommelier
  • NomicNomic
  • KavaKava
  • PersistencePersistence
  • Shentu (CertiK)Shentu (CertiK)
  • OsmosisOsmosis
  • JunoJuno
  • CantoCanto
  • TeritoriTeritori
  • Gravity BridgeGravity Bridge
  • RebusRebus
  • NolusNolus
  • SolanaSolana
  • Akash NetworkAkash Network
  • Band ProtocolBand Protocol
  • BitCannaBitCanna
  • LikeСoinLikeСoin
  • NeutronNeutron

Choose amount


Staking period

12 months

Stake date


Staking period

12 months

Closing date


APR 20%


Fee 5%

You will earn in total with restake

1202.5 ATOM

Daily profit


Monthly profit


Yearly profit


Your projected income less commission fees in tokens and in US dollars


  • Cosmos Hub is the primary and foundational blockchain of the Cosmos Network. While the native token is ATOM, the network also supports other tokens that are based on the Cosmos platform.

  • Cosmos Network is a broad ecosystem of interconnected decentralized applications and services, often referred to as the Internet of Blockchains. It offers tools to create custom-designed blockchains that can easily interoperate with others within the network.

  • Staking Atom is the process of earning rewards by holding and locking ATOM tokens in a wallet as collateral to support the security and performance of the Cosmos network.

  • Interchain Security refers to the provision of validating services for consumer Cosmos-based chains by the full validator set and market cap of the Cosmos Hub. Integration of Interchain Security provides significant benefits to the ATOM delegators and can potentially transform staking in Cosmos.

  • ATOM delegation is a process where a portion of your assets is frozen to select a validator, and in return, you receive a share of the block production income as a reward. To unstake ATOM, you must undelegate it, and after 21 days, your assets will become available.

  • Earning staking rewards for your ATOM tokens is easy with Stakewolle! As soon as you delegate your ATOMs, rewards start accruing every 7 seconds. For precise calculations, use our handy calculator located on this page.

  • With ATOM staking offering up to 20% APR, you can increase your earnings by an additional % by enabling the restake rewards feature on, accessed through your Keplr wallet. This feature automatically claims and restakes your rewards, compounding your earnings without any hassle or inconvenience. It's a secure and easy way to earn passive income.

  • Yes, it's absolutely secure! Your ATOM stake remains in your wallet, and you retain full control over it even after delegation.

  • When you stake your ATOM tokens with Stakewolle, you may become eligible for Cosmos-based airdrops, allowing you to receive free tokens as a reward for your participation. We support many blockchain networks, so you never know what exciting opportunities may come your way!

  • Our Dashboard (TBA) makes it easy to monitor all your ATOM staking transactions in one place. Simply sign in to and add your ATOM address to view delegation changes, rewards, and more, all displayed in clear numbers and charts

  • You can calculate your staking rewards by using Cosmos staking calculator on the site

  • Stakewolle Governance 09.05

    9 Jun 2023

  • Stakewolle Governance 08.06

    8 Jun 2023

  • Stakewolle Governance 07.06

    7 Jun 2023

  • Stakewolle Governance 06.06

    6 Jun 2023

  • Ethereum Staking Thrives After Shapella Upgrade

    6 Jun 2023

  • Stargaze tokenomics update - Stakewolle News

    6 Jun 2023

  • Injective has launched The Open Liquidity Program

    6 Jun 2023

  • Stakewolle Governance 05.06

    5 Jun 2023

  • NTRN Token Airdrop, Launch of Nolus, Comdex Roadmap for 2023

    1 Jun 2023

  • Injective launches a integration with PolygonLabs

    1 Jun 2023

  • Injective Mainnet Update - Stakewolle News

    1 Jun 2023

  • Stakewolle Governance 30.05

    30 May 2023

  • Neutron Airdrop Claim Guide

    30 May 2023

  • Stakewolle Governace 29.05

    29 May 2023

  • Mesh Security, Catalyst-Neutron Collaboration, Fetch Super Wallet Upgrade - Stakewolle News

    29 May 2023

  • The First IBC enabled SVM Rollup

    25 May 2023

  • Stakewolle Governnace 18.05

    18 May 2023

  • Elixir Protocol is Integrating with Injective to Power User-Provided Algorithmic Liquidity

    17 May 2023

  • Kava Update to version 13 - Stakewolle News#32

    17 May 2023

  • CertiK Partners with Alibaba Cloud to Bring Blockchain Security to the Cloud

    16 May 2023

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