Secret Network

Secret Network
Secret Network
Secret Network

Market cap:

$ 155.72M

Volume 24h:

$ 2.04M


$ 0.57
Secret Network is the first blockchain with customizable privacy. You get to choose what you share, with whom, and how. This protects users, and empowers developers to build a better Web3.
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  • 17 Mar 2024

    2024-Q1 Testnet Committee

  • 1 Mar 2024

    Support Team Funding Proposal

  • 17 Feb 2024

    Support IBC Relayers with Fee Grants II

  • 14 Feb 2024

    New dApps on Atom ⚛️ - Stay up to date! ☀️

  • 14 Jan 2024

    Revive Secret-Chihuahua IBC client II - fix for IBC between chains and stuck users

  • 19 Dec 2023

    Revive Secret-Chihuahua IBC client - fix for IBC between chains and stuck users

  • 17 Dec 2023

    Signaling proposal for validator fee settings and min-fee parameter

  • 9 Dec 2023

    Continuance Funding for API Team for Secret Saturn

  • 7 Dec 2023

    The 9% Temporary Inflation Proposal and Adjusting Blocks per Year

  • 2 Dec 2023

    Secret Ledger App Audit

  • 30 Nov 2023

    Support Team Funding Proposal

  • 24 Nov 2023

    2023-Q4 Governance Committee

  • 18 Nov 2023

    Spend 5k USD in SCRT to incentivize SCRT-USD perps trading on Demex

  • 15 Nov 2023

    2023-Q4 Testnet Committee

  • 13 Nov 2023

    Secret Network open source funding policy

  • 10 Nov 2023

    Secret X DAO DAO Proposal

  • 9 Nov 2023

    Secret X DAO DAO Proposal

  • 18 Oct 2023

    Cosmos x Celestia Airdrop ✅

  • 17 Oct 2023

    Secret Network v1.12 Upgrade

  • 7 Oct 2023

    Decrease max block size from 21MiB to 1MiB

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Staking period

12 months

Daily profit


Monthly profit


Yearly profit


APR 23.49%


Fee 5%

You will earn in total with restake

12527.19 SCRT

Stake date


Staking period

12 months

Closing date


Your projected income less commission fees in tokens and in US dollars


  • The Secret Network is a decentralized network of computers (which called “secret nodes”) that use hardware-based and software-based privacy technologies to enable secure computation.

  • $SCRT is the native coin of the Secret Network. This means $SCRT is used to pay fees and transfer value on the network. Secret nodes must stake SCRT in order to operate on the network, and in return they receive fees and network rewards in SCRT. When nodes go offline, they can be “slashed” and lose a portion of their SCRT stake. Holders of SCRT who are not operating nodes may “bond” their stake to a specific node in order to become a delegator. Delegators have an opportunity to earn a share of fees and network rewards by supporting a particular set of validators.

  • $SCRT is listed on and could be purchased there with a connected Keplr wallet.

  • $SCRT can be staked via Stakewolle with connected Keplr Wallet.

  • Stakewolle is a large staking provider and contributor to many blockchains, run by a team of experienced developers, financial experts and blockchain enthusiasts. While working with more than 40 POS blockchains like Solana (SOL) Cosmos (ATOM) and others we are constantly in search of new, valuable and ambitious projects. The Stakewolle team strives to simplify the delegation process for token holders and provide convenient services for staking monitoring.

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest data by using Mintscan explorer. This free tool provides real-time information on market indicators, network metrics, and validator data, all presented in easy-to-read charts.

  • You can calculate your staking rewards by using the Secret staking calculator on the site

  • When you stake your assets with Stakewolle, you may become eligible for Cosmos-based airdrops, allowing you to receive free tokens as a reward for your participation. We support many blockchain networks, so you never know what exciting opportunities may come your way!

  • Lorenzo Protocol Integrates With Cosmos Hub To Launch Appchain Secured By ATOM

    25 Mar 2024

  • Artemis Integrates Injective To Provide Institutional On-Chain Data to Users

    19 Mar 2024

  • Injective and AltLayer Bring Restaking Security to EVM Applications

    16 Mar 2024

  • What is Ethereum Dencun Upgrade?

    16 Mar 2024

  • Injective Integrates Noble to bring Native USDC to the Injective Universe

    13 Mar 2024

  • Persitence's Liquid Staking and Restaking Vision

    12 Mar 2024

  • Ethena Labs is integrating with Injective

    6 Mar 2024

  • Galxe to Be Integrated With Injective

    28 Feb 2024

  • Obi Joins the Confidential Computing Constellation

    23 Feb 2024

  • Injective has partenred with DEX DojoSwap to introduce the CW-404 standard.

    21 Feb 2024

  • The First Ever Omnichain Domain Release for Injective and Solana

    15 Feb 2024

  • Nexera ID and cheqd partner to establish the next evolution of digital identity

    29 Jan 2024

  • Secret Network joins the Polygon Solution Provider Network

    25 Jan 2024

  • Injective join forces with Inspect to accelerate adoption and deepen engagement in the INJ ecosystem

    23 Jan 2024

  • ICON Integrates Injective to Scale Cross-Chain Interoperability

    10 Jan 2024

  • Hacken and Secret Network Join Forces to Boost Web3 Privacy

    8 Jan 2024

  • Proposing a Shift: Lowering Inflation for a Sustainable Future

    22 Dec 2023

  • OKX Web3 wallet has integrated Injective

    29 Nov 2023

  • Shentu launching Boutny Module

    21 Nov 2023

  • Ondo Finance Now Available on Injective

    21 Nov 2023

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