Cosmos V9-Lambda upgrade is complete - Replicated security is live!

17 Mar 2023

1 min read

Cosmos V9-Lambda upgrade is complete - Replicated security is live!

What is Replicated security? As we wrote earlier replicated security, a shared security paradigm, essentially enables new projects (consumer chains) to lease security from the Cosmos hub and be categorized as Hub-secured consumer chains. Thus, the consumer chain will need to be verified using the Cosmos validator set.

A consumer chain's revenue streams include: Application Fees, Transaction Fees, and Token Inflation × Consumer chain activity generates transaction fees, which are by default given to Atom delegators at a rate of 25% but are subject to governance. × The Cosmos Hub validators and delegators may get "continuous airdrops" from the consumer chain in the form of a fraction of their native token inflation. Atom Stakers get × normal ATOM staking rewards × consumer chain staking rewards paid in the consumers chains native tokens or consumer chain fees paid in ATOM

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