Artemis Integrates Injective To Provide Institutional On-Chain Data to Users

19 Mar 2024

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Artemis Integrates Injective To Provide Institutional On-Chain Data to Users

Artemis announced its integration of Injective, providing institutional-grade analytics for all Injective and Artemis users alike. Having access to comprehensive data analytics is paramount for making informed decisions, and with a mission to bring transparency and first principles to the crypto sphere, Artemis paves the way for smarter investments and strategic developments within the industry.

Injective users and dApps will now have access to a comprehensive dashboard, offering chain-level metrics within the Injective ecosystem.

What is Artemis?

Artemis is a data analytics platform that provides institutional grade analytics to protocols and users. Whether you're a protocol seeking to communicate effectively with institutions or an investor looking to delve deep into blockchain health metrics, Artemis provides the tools necessary to dive further into any ecosystem.

Artemis Integration with Injective

Due to the immense surge in interest for Injective, Artemis integrated on-chain data for Injective.

On the chain level, Artemis users can now access a plethora of vital metrics related to Injective Protocol's activity. This includes, but is not limited to:

•Daily Active Addresses: Understanding user engagement and network activity.

•Daily Transactions: Monitoring transactional volume and network throughput.

•Fees: Gauging the overall protocol fees generated by the Injective ecosystem.

•DEX Volumes: Tracking decentralized exchange activity within the protocol.

This holistic approach empowers users to gain deeper insights into the protocol's growth trajectory and underlying health.

The Future of Artemis and Injective

The integration between Artemis and Injective is not just about current capabilities but also about future opportunities. Artemis envisions providing detailed views on different dApps within the Injective ecosystem, allowing users to understand how each application contributes to the broader chain.

This granular insight will enable users and institutions alike to make more nuanced decisions, identifying promising dApps and emerging trends within the Injective ecosystem. Likewise, protocols will benefit from enhanced transparency and the ability to effectively communicate their value propositions to the wider community.

The integration of Artemis with Injective represents a substantial leap forward in empowering not just Injective users, but also projects and interested investors. Through its provision of transparent, data-driven insights, Artemis equips all stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the activity within Injective. This, in turn, facilitates effective monitoring and fosters growth within the network.

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